Improv Comedy Registration Fair @ Grind Coffee Co
Apr 28 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
IMAS Young Adventurer Days @ International Museum of Art & Science
May 3 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
IMAS Young Adventurer Days @ International Museum of Art & Science | McAllen | Texas | United States

Fun, hands-on learning opportunity for kids under 5. $5 members/$10 non-members per session. Register in advance: (956) 682-0123.

IMAS Young Adventurer Days are special hands-on programs that help introduce our youngest scientists and artists to basic concepts. Each day features a special themed story time as well as an exciting and engaging hands-on activity. Programs last approximately 30-45 minutes and take place the first Wednesday of every month. CHILDREN MUST BE 5 YEARS OR YOUNGER. Rates: IMAS Member: $5/ Non-Member $10. To register today, call our reservationist at (956) 682-0123, weekdays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

September 7: Space Adventures- Blast into space as we explore our solar system. Take part in a special story time reading of Hedgie Blast Off by Jan Brett. Discover the ways we learn about space as you create your own constellation!

October 5: Water Worlds Learn about the water cycle including rain, clouds, and more as we read All the Water in the World by George Ella Lyon. Then, create your own water cycle model using fun sensory materials!

November 2: My First Quilt Explore the world of color, texture, and pattern as your young artist discovers the world of quilts. We will read Just a Quilt? by Dalen Keys followed by a hands-on paper quilt activity.

December 7: Animals of Folk Art Take a look at the world of folk art as we read Market Day by Lois Ehlert. Examine examples of Mexican folk art masks then design your own folk art inspired lion mask to take home!

January 4: Animal Origami Join us as we read The Little Bookshop and the Origami Army! by Michael Foreman. Identify various basic shapes and use your knowledge to create an origami puppy of your very own!

February 8: Bugs Have you ever watched butterflies flutter around your backyard? Join us in a journey from caterpillar to butterfly as we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Create your own caterpillar to take home.

March 1: Build it Tall Become an engineer as we read Henry Builds a Cabin by D.B. Johnson. Test out your engineering design skills as you build a spaghetti and marshmallow palace!

April 5: Imaginary Botanicals How do tiny seeds transform into flowers? How do some plants help animals? Discover this and more as we read The Seeds of Milkweed, written by students from East End Elementary School! Start your own butterfly garden as we plant milkweed seeds!

May 3: Super Hero Science It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s all about science? Take a journey you’re your fellow explorers as we read Superhero Max by Lawrence David. Then, put your thinking ‘cape’ on as you participate in exciting hands-on superhero science activities!

IMAS Homeschool Days @ International Museum of Art & Science
May 3 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
IMAS Homeschool Days @ International Museum of Art & Science | McAllen | Texas | United States

Hands-on, educational workshop for homeschool students. 11am elementary session, 12pm middle/high school session. $5 members/$10 non-members. Monthly on the 1st Wednesday from September-May. Register by calling (956) 682-0123.

IMAS Homeschool Days are special hand-on workshops that will take students on an in-depth exploration of art and science concepts and are the perfect complement to our exhibits. These programs will be thematic and cover grades 1-12 in specialized units. Programs include a brief exhibit encounter as well as a hands-on activity. Join us on the first Wednesday of every month. Programs last 45 minutes. Rates: IMAS Member: $5/ Non-Member $10.

To register today, call our reservationist at (956) 682-0123, weekdays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Grade Level Times: * Elementary: 11 a.m. * Middle School and High School: 12 p.m.

  • September 7: Space Adventures: Rocket into space as you create your own rocket utilizing the laws of physics. Next, discover the sun, moon, and stars as you participate in hands-on activities that explore our night sky.
  • October 5: Wonderful Water: Take a journey along the water cycle as you learn about clouds, rain, and local bodies of water. Explore the role pollution plays and how it can harm our local watersheds through hands-on activities.
  • November 2: It’s a Material World! Explore the history and chemistry behind textile design. Play with texture, pattern, and much more as you create your own textile inspired paper quilt.
  • December 7: Fascinating Folk Art: Inspired by Mexican masks, explore the stories and traditions of local folk art. Create your own folk art inspired sculpture using recycled materials to take home.
  • January 4: Geo-gami: Put your thinking cap on as you explore the artful world of geometry. Use what you’ve learn to create a colorful origami animal to take home.
  • February 1: Bugging Around: How to butterflies soar through the sky? What does a flower look like in the eyes of a bug? How do bugs eat? Discover the answer to these questions and more during this creepy crawly workshop!
  • March 1: Build it Tall: Become the architect and engineer as you explore the way we build the world around us through hands-on building activities. From bridges, to skyscrapers, to homes, explore the many features of these common structures and more!
  • April 5: Bountiful Botanicals: Discover the many unique plants commonly found throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Explore the needs of plant life and take a closer look at the elements of a flower. Create your own botanical study to bring home.
  • May 3: Super Hero Science: It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s science? Take a crack at the secrets of your favorite superheroes as we investigate superhero powers and the science behind them. Learn a few tricks of your own to surprise and awe your friends!


Operation Imagination Summer Camps @ International Museum of Art & Science
Jun 12 – Aug 12 all-day
Operation Imagination Summer Camps @ International Museum of Art & Science | McAllen | Texas | United States

IMAS hosts week-long educational summer camps for grades K-8, June-August covering a variety of fun topics. $180/$160 non-members/members ($100/$90 for Pre K only) for each week-long session.

$180 Full Day
$100 Half Day (PreK only)

$160 Full Day
$90 Half Day (PreK only)

Before Care: 8:00AM – 9:00AM
After Care: 4:00PM – 5:30PM
Before Care OR After Care: $25 per week
Before Care AND After Care: $40 per week

• Full Day Sessions are Monday -Friday from 9AM-4PM.
• Half Day sessions are Monday-Friday from 9AM-12PM or 1PM-4PM.
Spaces are limited.
Please note, snacks may not meet dietary restrictions.
Our camps are peanut free!


June 12-16
9am-12pm: BUBBLEOLOGY: Bubble gum, bubble baths… Bubbles are everywhere! Explore the world of bubbles and learn the science behind the forces that mold these fragile shapes.
1pm-4pm: RAINBOW WORLDS:What makes a rainbow appear in the sky? Learn all about color and the properties of rainbows in this exciting and colorful camp.

June 26-30
9am-12pm: JR. ENGINEER:Do you love building, tinkering, and creating? Become an engineer for the week as you build bridges, skyscrapers, racetracks, and more!
1pm-4pm:DINO RUMBLE: Explore the ancient world of dinosaurs as you study real fossils, get messy with a dino dig and meet the museum’s dinosaur descendants.

July 17-21
9am-12pm: BLAST OFF!: Train to become an outer-space explorer! Build and launch a rocket fueled by soda pop and get messy with galaxy inspired space slime!
1pm-4pm:UNDER THE SEA: Dive into the deepest oceans to explore all the mysteries of the sea. Discover the colorful fish and plants that call the ocean home!

July 31-Aug. 4
9am-12pm: JUNGLE FEVER: Get ready for a wild time as we travel through the jungle and learn all about ecosystems and the animals that work together to make their homes.
1pm-4pm: BUGS WORLD: Join us for a creepy, crawly adventure as we learn all about insects and arachnids. Meet our live bugs and create artworks inspired by the bug world!

Grades 1-2

June 12-16
MAD SCIENTIST: Let your mad scientist out as you make objects disappear, use explosions to create art and perfect your evil laugh as you make bubbling potions!

June 19-23
JR. DETECTIVE :Put your sleuth skills to the test as you examine the evidence and solve the crime! Use fingerprints, observational skills, and more to identify the culprit!

June 26-30
ENGINEER IT: Become an engineer as you compete in engineering challenges inspired by nature. Meet some animals who inspire engineers across the world and drive an aquatic robot!

July 10-14
SUPERHERO SCIENCE: Explore the science behind your favorite superheroes with thrilling hands-on experiments. Create your own superhero comic to share with your friends.

July 17-21
SPACE ACADEMY: Train to be an astronaut at the IMAS space academy! Explore gravity, discover our amazing solar system, launch your own rocket and more!

July 24-28
POKEWORLDZ: Explore the fanciful world of Pokémon as we discover the science behind the most popular characters. Create your own comic, discover the electrifying power of pikachu and more!

July 31-Aug. 4
EXPEDITION TO THE UNKNOWN: Join IMAS on an expedition as we explore places unknown and untraveled. Discover the amazing animals found around the world, build your own expedition rover and more!

MY 5 SENSES: Sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. How important are our five senses? Learn more about our senses and how they help us every day as we put your senses to the test!

Grades 3-5

June 12-16
BOOM, FIZZ, POP, SCIENCE: Become a chemist during this slimy, explosive week of camp. Discover the chemical reactions happening all around us, and even use chemical reactions to inflate a balloon!

June 19-23
CSI EXTRAVAGANZA: Hone your observational skills and learn all about forensics as you solve a mystery at the museum. Collect evidence as you learn about fingerprint, hair, and fiber analysis.

June 26-30
VIDEO GAME TECH: Design your own blocky world with any terrain you can imagine. Build waterfalls and secret mountain passages as you learn about computer coding.

July 10-14
SUPERHERO POWER: How can Superman lift 5x his weight? How can Spiderman’s web be strong enough to lift him? Explore the science behind superhero feats during this thrilling week of camp!

July 17-21
JOURNEY TO SPACE: Join us on an adventure through the solar system! Blast into space as we build and launch rockets. Explore the planets, discover the stars, travel outside of the milky way and more!

July 24-28
POKÉMON SCIENCE: Learn the science behind your favorite Pokémon characters as we explore their different types and powers. Learn about the process of making a cartoon as you create a storyboard.

July 31-Aug. 4
KEEPIN’ IT GREEN: Become an earth scientist for the week as we explore the many ways we can help conserve our planet! Test water, learn about the impacts of pollution, and build an aquatic robot.

August 7-11
HUMAN BODY: Take a virtual tour through the human body and discover the systems that keep us alive. Learn all about the tiny super cells inside us which protect us, self-heal, and change as we grow.

Grades 6-8

June 19-23
ANIMAL FORENSICS: Discover the new field of animal forensics and learn how specialists collect data, use chemical techniques, and species identification to solve wildlife crimes. Put your skills to the test during a mock crime scene investigation.

July 10-14
FACT OR FICTION?: Become a mythbuster as you explore the true science behind superheroes, magic tricks, and popular YouTube sensations. Put each feat to the test with hands-on experiments, demonstrations, and more! Can you tell fact from fiction?

July 24-28
COMIC BOOK ARTIST: Delve into the wonders of animation. We will explore cartooning, comics and anime with fun and immersive fine art projects. Learn about careers in the field of animation and how some of your favorite films are created.

August 7-11
AMAZING ANATOMY: Discover what you’re made of as we explore human anatomy and see just how amazing the human body is. Explore the mechanics of body motion and organ systems with dissections, demonstrations, and experiments!